Enter to embrace

radical self-love,

powerhouse artistry,

and a bold, bright spotlight on the majesticness of Black womxn.

as seen in

is to love me…

to know me

I was born, raised, and bred an artist in Austin, Texas - the only place I could have grown up singing gospel music in church and hopping the fence at ACL to see Kanye West in the same week.

Surrounded by the beautiful Black love of my parents, I was taught the rich history of my Louisiana and Texas family history and its close connection to Black American history. They inspired my mission to hold up a magnifying glass to the ways in which the southern Black experience has, and continues to, influence the world globally.

A journey from middle and high school arts education to Chicago to New York landed me exactly where I needed to be - using my creative voices in music, theatre, and comedy to tell the stories of black people and honor the astonishing royalty of black womxn.

So here I am, queen... 
Loving me so I can love you and you can love you, 
welcoming in the weird (thanks, Austin),
and entertaining the hell out of you in the process.

2023 Drama Desk Nominee 


Outstanding Lead Performance in Play 
Denise Manning 

Written by A.K Payne
Directed by Josiah Davis

Full list here!  

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